Matthew Prevesk

Matt has been playing baseball since he was 4 years old. He stands 5'9" tall, weighs 115 lbs.

A left handed pitcher, 1st base and plays all outfield positions. He currently plays for the Outlaws 14U team and Apopka High School prep league.   We asked Matt the question who is his favorite coaches over the years. He said, "Well my favorites are Donnie Williams, Jason Adams and Charlie Powell. Sunshine State Baseball asked these coaches and they all agreed that this young man has the ability and drive to succeed to go far. "Matthew is improving every day. He has an eye for what needs to be done. He does his job."

For his 12 and 13 year old seasons, Matt compiled some great stats with 61 home runs with a batting average of .514. Not bad for the 200 to 275 foot fences played on for Little League and Travel Baseball.  His 14 year old campaign finds him with a .410 batting average, 651 OBA with two home runs. Matt's favorite MLB player is Mike Trout and his favorite food is quesadillas. 

At 14 years old Matt would like to attend Florida State University. He went to baseball camp their at 12 years old and was amazed at the number of MLB players they put out.  This tall, lanky left-hander is a very hard worker. I am proud to say that this young man is my son. As a coach and a father, I expect Matt to make his own way. Son your doing a great job. Thanks for working so hard Matt.​




Watch the X Man - Quick Silver, we are introducing

Xavier Cintron

They simply call him X. Always Moving, Quick to smile, and always Humble while leading his team to victories. At 5'6" tall and about 140 pounds this 14 year old young man packs a lot of punch. This switch hitting top of the line up hitter produced a .432 BA as 13 year old playing with the Strivers Baseball club. He was recruited and plays for the 16U FTB Baseball club showcase team. He hits with power to all fields from both sides of the plate. He is called upon to play every position on the field although Short Stop is his favorite. It's his quick hands and quick feet that give him a wide range as he covers the field. We reached out to his mom to get to know little bit more about him and I could hear a tear in her eye, she was so proud that her boy was this months SSBM's Player Profile choice. Her first comment was' "I'm so proud of him he does so good in school and he tries so hard." Xavier was elected for USSSA 2015 All American, there he helped his team win the championship! We asked his mom about his favorite coaches during his baseball career. His longtime coach and cousin Tito Cintron had this to say, "He's a very coachable boy and I would call him a baseball junkie. He always stays after practice to do more." And when you hear that you know you have a young man who is committed to the game. His new coach is also one he looks up to - Coach Nelson Gonzalaz of FTB, (Florida Travel Baseball Club). He has already had other coaches ask about him and were shocked to learn he was only 14 years old. He said, "They tell me he's one of the best players on your team and I agree. He's very coachable and the other boys learn from his work ethic." 
The FTB Academy in Kissimmee Florida has a number of different teams between 12 and 17 years old. FTB is committed to helping young men play baseball and I encourage anyone to check into this organization as they are a top notch group that has produced many professional baseball players. Of course the FTB focus is preparing kids for college ball. A special thanks to Coach "Nelly" Gonzalez for taking the time to speak with us. After speaking with you I can tell you are gifted with a true baseball mind.
Xavier is the middle boy in the family of three boys with mom and dad doing everything they can to keep the competitive spirit and a low roar. His mom Zugiery said, "they love to play and have fun with the family and their cousins. They are highly competitive. You know boys will be boys". Sunshine State Baseball wants to congratulate Xavier Cintron. You have all the right tools, a great family, and coaches who care about you. Keep up the great work young man!

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